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Quadruple + Heat Pump

Quadruple & Heat Pump pipes

Hyper flexible, our pre-insulated Quadruple pipes (4 pipes) combine two applications: two medium pipes for domestic hot water and two medium pipes for heating by hydro-distribution in buried networks.

This combined piping system is particularly suitable for connecting individual houses with a remote heat source.

The Terrendis HP Pipe has been designed especially to connect air/water heat pumps with houses and residential buildings. Both flow and return heating pipes as well as sleeves for power and sensor cable are combined in one single pipe solution.

    Terrendis is a subsidiary of the Elydan group. We design and manufacture high-performance and sustainable products with a virtuous life cycle for the environment. Our products contribute to improving the performance of tomorrow's networks infrastructure and buildings. Their environmental footprint is positive for the ecosystem.

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