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Who we are

Terrendis is a subsidiary of the Elydan group, the French leader in the manufacture of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes and channels.

What we do

Terrendis is entirely dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of a complete range of hyper flexible pre-insulated pipes and accessories, primarily used for the transport of heating water, sanitary hot water, cold potable water, cooling and waste water or other fluids in underground networks.

Heating solutions

The heating range consists of a range of hyper flexible pre-insulated single, double and quadruple pipes. The medium pipes are made from PEX-a with an orange (flow line) or blue (return line) coloured oxygen-diffusion barrier.


The range of hyper flexible pre-insulated sanitary pipes has been designed to optimize the distribution of domestic hot water and potable water in public networks and in domestic applications.


The cool range of hyper flexible pre-insulated pipes can be used for both drinking water supply networks and air conditioning networks.


The highly flexible pre-insulated pipes are ideal for renewable energy applications such as geothermal heat pumps, wood and pellet boilers, biomass and biogas.

Terrendis at your service

Terrendis combines the required flexibility, experience and know-how to best serve its market.

  • 50+ years of experience in extrusion of plastic pies, 10+ years of know-how in pre-insulated piping solutions
  • Innovative and technologically advanced partner offering unique geolocalsation capabilities for our pre-insulated piping solutions
  • Support team for assistance in network design, product  selection and system optimisation
  • Availability of technical experts for on-site training and installation support
  • Possibility to produce specific customized pre-insulated pipes
  • Sustainable manufacture, products and solutions

An environmentally friendly industry

Our factory actively participates in reducing our carbon footprint. An installation of 932 photovoltaic panels of 1,600m2 allows us to produce clean “green” electricity to ensure the production of our pre-insulated hyper flexible pipes.

At Terrendis, we have set ourselves the goal of responding more quickly and easily to our clients, taking into account their specific needs.

This allows us to have a solid and profitable relationship of trust with them.

Terrendis is a subsidiary of the Elydan group. We design and manufacture high-performance and sustainable products with a virtuous life cycle for the environment. Our products contribute to improving the performance of tomorrow's networks infrastructure and buildings. Their environmental footprint is positive for the ecosystem.

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