Pre-insulated heat pump pipe

  • Hyper flexible, pre-insulated piping system, combining two heating pipes and two cable sleeves for powered sensor cable in the same jacket pipe. The Terrendis HP pipe has been designed to connect air/water heat pumps with houses and residential buildings.

    The medium pipes are made from cross-linked polyethylene PE-Xa with an orange coloured oxygen-diffusion barrier for the heating flow line and a blue coloured one for the heating return. The cable sleeve pipes are made from polypropylene.

    The multilayer thermal insulation is made from cross-linked, microcellular polyethylene PE-X foam with a water-repellent closed cell structure, characterized by its durable, non-ageing insulation performance, and its permanent elasticity, maximizing and maintaining the thickness of the insulation layer, even after bending multiple times.

    The high-grade, black coloured UV-resistant, double walled, corrugated HDPE jacket pipe shields the pre-insulated piping system against mechanical impacts and moisture, whilst maintaining maximum flexibility.

    • Heating medium pipes : PE-Xa/SDR 11/PN 6
    • EVOH oxygen barrier in accordance with ISO 17455
    • Continuous operating temperature : 80°C
    • Max. operating temperature : 95°C
    • Cable sleeves in polypropylene class 3422
    • PE-X insulation foam : < 1% water absorption in accordance with ISO 2896
    • Full coil length : 100 m
    • CFC-free production process


Art. No.
Jacket Pipe
dout [mm]
Medium Pipe
doutx s [mm]
Medium Pipe
din [mm]
Bending radius
Water content
Heating capacity
Heating capacity
HP14032E3225 140
(2x) 32 x 2.9
2 x 26.2
0.40 1.078 30 – 60 0.6 – 1.3
HP16040E4040 160
(2x) 40 x 3.7
2 x 32.6
0.60 1.670 40 – 100 0.6 – 1.5

Terrendis is a subsidiary of the Elydan group. We design and manufacture high-performance and sustainable products with a virtuous life cycle for the environment. Our products contribute to improving the performance of tomorrow's networks infrastructure and buildings. Their environmental footprint is positive for the ecosystem.

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