PE-X connectors

Full dimensional range of strong, reliable and easy to use PE-X terminal connectors and couplings from 25-125 mm in SDR 11 (heating, cold and cooling), and 20-63 mm in SDR 7.4 (sanitary).

Purpose-designed connectors with long pipe support nipple for superior grip. Terminal connectors have standardised conical male threads for trouble free connection to any downstream plumbing.

All brass wetted parts in compliance with the European Drinking Water Directive (DWD), Council Directive 98/83/EC. Clamping rings in dezincification-resistant (DZR) brass, preventing dezincification corrosion in aggressive conditions.

Easy to install bolt type connection without requirement for special tools or hydraulic equipment. Superior quality stainless steel bolts and nuts with reduced cold-welding tendency. O-ring free design, sealing on the PE-X pipe material for a durable leak tight connection.

Weld-end connectors with steel supporting pipe for the connection of PE-Xa pipes to steel district heating mains.

  • PE-X pipe connectors according to ISO 15875-5
  • Pipes: PE-X (PE) SDR 11 or PE-X SDR 7.4
  • Pressure rating: SDR 11/PN6 (PN16) or SDR 7.4/PN10
  • Materials: CC752S and CW602N
  • Clamping bolt and nut: AISI 316
  • Thread: conical / ISO7-1 (NPT on request)
  • Dezincification resistant: EN ISO 6509
  • Stress corrosion: ISO 6957
  • O-ring free design

PE-X Terminal connectors
Heating – PN6 – SDR 11

PE-X x PE-X couplings
Heating – PN6 – SRD11

PE-X x PE-X L-couplings
Heating – PN6 – SRD11

Weld-end connectors
Heating – PN6 – SRD11

PE-X Terminal connectors
Sanitary – PN10 – SRD7,4

For mounting instructions, please refer to the respective Instruction Manual