Other accessories

Other accessories completing the pre-insulated piping system, such as wall feed through elements, and repair materials.

Seal Chain Assembly

Modular hardware/elastomer seal design for hydrostatically sealing pre-insulated pipe penetrations in walls, floors and ceilings. Seal Chain Assemblies can be mounted directly in core drill holes, or inside fibre cement wall sleeves, which are poured into the concrete construction.

Fibre cement Wall Sleeve

Wall feed through sleeve made of fibre cement to accomodate a pre-insulated pipe, equiped with a Seal Chain Assembly. Fiber cement has a dilatation behaviour, similar to that of the concrete in which it is embedded.

Wall feed through assembly (for non pressurised water)

Wall feed through assembly for wall penetrations above the groundwater table (= for non-pressurised water), comprising a corrugated HDPE pipe sleeve and a heat shrink sleeve to seal between the pipe sleeve and the entering pre-insulated pipe. At the outside, the bricked-in pipe sleeve must protrude ± 10 cm from the finished wall surface to allow the mounting of the heat shrink sleeve.


Repair tape

Repair tape is being used to repair perforations or other damages at the outside jacket pipe. Available as heat shrinkable tape (RETAP-H) or as a cold applied version (RETAP-C).


Warning tape

Warning tape is positioned above the buried pipes to avoid damaging these pipes when carrying out ground works at a later stage.

Shrink sleeve

Heat-shrinkable tubular sleeve for field-applied repair of perforations or other damages at the outside jacket pipe.

Dust end cap

Dust end cap

Dust end cap

Shrink end cap