Connection kit for frost protection

Our Single Cool with frost protection pipes are equipped with a self-regulating 10 W/m heating cable to prevent stagnant water from freezing.

The heating cable is AC powered, and must be connected to a 220 VAC/50-60 hertz line to operate. The power line requires over-current protection through a 16A 30mA RCD (residual-current device). To prevent the 10 W/m heating cable from dissipating energy when surrounding temperatures are well above the freezing point, the use of an ambient thermostat to automatically interrupt the power supply at a pre-set temperature (e.g. 2°C) is recommended.

The total length of the heating cable should not exceed 100 m. Where longer heating cables are required, separate power supplies should be foreseen, each feeding maximum 100 m cable.

The heating cable can be cut to any desired length (< 100 m and as a function of the pipe length). To assure proper functioning of the cable, and to prevent possible short circuits, the cables’ two conductive wires should be electrically insulated from each other.

HC-THERM Ambient Thermostat

  • From -10 to +40°C
  • Protection : IP54
  • 16A, 230V

HCBOX – Electrical junction box
This PVC junction box is used to connect the heating cable with the power supply line. Protection class: IP55

HCSL – Electrical connection and insulation kit
This kit is used to connect the heating cable to the power supply, and electrically insulate the wire ends.

    • 1 bulkhead fitting
    • 3 heat shrink sleeves to insulate the power wires and grounding cable
    • 1 long heat shrink sleeve to insulate the heating cable at the connection
    • 2 shorter heat shrink sleeves to insulate the extremities of the heating cable