RYB Group is opening a new subsidiary in England

RYB Group, the French specialist in polyethylene solutions for more than 50 years, is announcing the opening of its UK subsidiary to ensure the launch of its new range of preinsulated Terrendis® pipe systems and its ELIOT® detection, 3D-location and identification system for buried assets. In a development context, RYB is part of the 1st promotion « Accelerator SME » program, set by the Economy Ministry and led by Bpifrance.

These actions are reinforcing RYB’s innovative position. It follows the visit of the French President François Hollande on the 12th of March. The French President wanted to meet 5 innovative companies, including RYB.


In 2014, RYB has achieved 60 million euros turnover despite difficult economic conditions in the local market. Marc-Antoine Blin, RYB Director explains: “Despite a tense economic context in the Public Works field, RYB group remains profitable in 2014. RYB has fought against difficulties thanks to the diversity of its activities and the sales growth of ELIOT technology, which balanced a decline on the traditional French building and Public Works market.”


Great international growth possibilities
After the announcement early 2015 of the plant opening in Belgium and the creation of its subsidiary Terrendis®, the RYB group has been keen to boost the marketing of its pipes and pre-insulated flexible pipes targeting new growing markets.  The RYB group has opened a subsidiary in England and recruited a Regional Sales Director in charge of the business development for TERRENDIS® and ELIOT® products.

« England is a country that has returned to strong economic growth, with great commercial opportunities for our pre-insulated pipes and network detection. Our strategy is focused on looking for industrial and distribution partnerships, and end users such as installers», adds Marc-Antoine Blin.

This new location is following the recent opening of the offices and subsidiaries in Montreal, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Singapore, showing RYB’s export dynamism.


Integration of departmental program “Accelerator SME” for 2 years

Program led by Emmanuel Macron, the “Accelerator SME” aims at assisting SME managers to help them grow their businesses to become medium-sized companies (ETI). Funded by the government and implemented by Bpifrance, the first device promotion was launched on 5 March 2015.

About 68 SME were selected, like RYB, given their past performance and growth potential. 10 years after the company takeover through an MBO, the RYB group has multiplied its size and sales revenues by 2.5.

« I am honored and delighted to integrate an ambitious program like this one, implemented by BpiFrance and led by the Economy Ministry. However, we’d like to warn the authorities on the lack of investment in infrastructure, networks and public works in general, which impacts on both builders, pipes manufacturers, construction firms and any industrial sector that depends on these sectors », ends Marc-Antoine Blin.


The French President François Hollande came on 12th of March 15 in Isère to the meeting “France winner.” At this occasion, he met 6 innovative companies within the CEA-Leti, including the Group RYB, which has been focusing on innovation for over 50 years.


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