RYB opens a new plant in Belgium

RYB Group, the French specialist for more than 50 years in polyethylene network solutions in the Public Works industry, is announcing a new plant opening in Belgium and the creation of its new subsidiary Terrendis®. Number four in the group, this new plant located in Ghent, aims to produce an innovative range of flexible pipes and pre-insulated pipes for the distribution of heating, cooling and hot sanitary water.

With the launch of Terrendis®, the RYB Group acquires a new industrial hub complementing its existing activities: Public Works and Networks (RYB), Industry (RYB Industry), Geocomposite Drainage (Composites RYB) and Irrigation (Kulker). To produce the new range of pre-insulated pipes production, a new plant was opened in Ghent, Belgium, which is now the Group’s fourth site, together with those of Saint-Etienne-de-Saint-Geoirs Isère (headquarter), and Sully-sur-Loire (2 plants) in Loiret.


Quality and environment at the heart of RYB’s culture and strategy
In the general context of reducing greenhouse gas covered by the next climate conference in Paris, RYB offers today via Terrendis® products intended to protect the environment and fight against energy loss, with quality standards among the most demanding of the market. Pre-insulated flexible pipes solutions can be used to replace or supplement the oldest and most rigid solutions, such as insulated steel tube.


The new range of pipe systems with cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) foam insulation and corresponding fittings is designed for four types of applications:
– Heating Distribution: transportation of heating water (max outside diameter of the carrier pipe: 125 mm; in a 225 mm protective outer casing)
– Cold Distribution (Cooling)
– Potable water pipes (with optional frost protection)
– Distribution of hot sanitary water.


Ambitious targets in France and abroad
« The creation of Terrendis® is reinforcing our development in the heating and renewable energies sectors. We are implementing a business strategy that aims to develop this new activity to become a European leader in the next 5 years, and in France in the shorter term » says Marc Antoine Blin, Chairman of the RYB Group.

Terrendis®, which has already recruited several associates, is willing to reach a staff of fifteen people in 2015, plus a dozen sales agents and representatives in France. Terrendis® also aims at a strong international development through its network of reseller partners and representatives.

The finance equity was made possible thanks to the strong financial health of the RYB Group.


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